"An EXCLUSIVE One-Year Copywriting Coaching And Mentoring Opportunity"

Dear Aspiring Copywriter,

Since I started my copywriting coaching program over 8 years ago, members have been asking about a more intimate 1-on-1 coaching and mentoring arrangement.

They wanted closer supervision and involvement with their development as a copywriter, which they couldn't get from my membership site alone.

I know I already provide a TON of value with the RCPP monthly membership but you may want MORE ...

I've shied away from such program because I know the time commitment involved.

Plus, I'm already making a ton of money from writing copy so it would take a bulldozer to pry me away from writing copy to personally mentoring you to do the same.

In fact, the money I make from 'teaching copy' is just a pittance compared to what I make writing copy.

But now because of popular demand I've decided to take on a FEW one-on-one mentoring students.


So what do you get with this program?

1. The program will be for ONE YEAR, plus you'll get LIFETIME membership to my monthly coaching program.

2. You'll get a copy of all the products that I presently sell, plus all my future products I create.

3.Like any college course, there are no "hidden secrets" to uncover that haven't been written about or found in textbooks. You'll get a resource list along with lessons I've creaated myself to get you through the "information overload" that so many new copywriters complain about.

The aim is to complete this course and have a web site selling your services and enough sales letters in your portfolio so you can start out of the block at maximum speed.

4. You'll get a phone number or SKYPE contact to get in touch with me and receive PRIORITY attention, for personal consultation. You get up to 5 hours per month to be divided in whatever way is convenient to you.

5. I will show you how to grow your copywriting business, build your personal brand and also work along with you on the clients projects that you're writing. You can therefore be earning an income while you are learning the trade. If you apply yourself, you can easily earn back your tuition fees within 6 months. But this depends on how serious you are about building your copywriting business.

Bottom line is that you'll get a behind-the-scenes view into how I run my copywriting business while building your own.

And you get all of this for a one-time payment of $15K.

If you have to pawn your granmother's heirlooms to get this money, then I would say right up front that this program is NOT for you.

Even though college students pay twice this and don't make a quarter of what I make from writing one sales letter per month! I still wouldn't want you to be under that financial pressure.

Now this offer is limited to just 3 students at any one time so you may have to wait a year if you let this chance pass you by.

Because of the INTIMATE nature of this program I'll need to know that we are a good fit before you can start the program. I must therefore see samples of your writing, whether a sales letter, article or blog post.

NOTE: Simply because you can afford the fees doesn't mean you'll qualify for this exclusive training program. I must be able to see some evidence that you can string a couple words together.

If this sounds like a go to you, contact me at: "learncopy(at)gmail.com" or use the SKYPE: "ray2dal" OR call me at 631-865-6143 to discuss your possible placement.


Ray L. Edwards

Professional Copywriter, Published Author, Marketing Consultant

P.S. I can only take 3 students for any session. If you miss this chance you'll have to wait a whole year for the next session. Get in contact with me right away if you want to secure your spot NOW!

You may want to test my standard coaching program before you "upgrade" to this one if you have any question about the value I provide my students.


(c) Ray L. Edwards, Raydal Marketing, LLC. Box 5005 Union Mt. Washington, Christiansted, VI 00820 Ph. 631-865-6143 | Fax. 253-423-8809 learncopy(at)gmail.com